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Are You Struggling with a Dog that Bites? – Middlefield Obedience

Middlefield Obedience - How to read dog behavior

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Middlefield Obedience and Surrounding Areas

Do you struggle with a dog that bites?

We understand the stress and can help you create more peace.

Most dogs show warning signs before they go to the bite.

Rarely will dogs go straight for the bite.

This means you need to learn more about reading dog behavior before you can create Middlefield obedience with your dog.

Some warning signs are the following:

  • lip licking
  • paw lift
  • yawning
  • head turning or looking away
  • eye blinking
  • scratching
  • sneezing
  • sniffing
  • blinking

Pay attention to when your dog shows the above signs. These are things that trigger your dog.

For example if you start nail trimming and your dog looks away from you, he is actually saying that he is stressed.

Now you know that nail trimming is a trigger for your dog.

Stop the trigger before your dog gets to the bite and make a list of the triggers.

Next, consult a professional Middlefield Obedience Dog Trainer because there are many ways to treat biting.

We want to make sure it is addressed properly and safely.

Make sure the trainer you work with is a reward based dog trainer.

Punishment will make the biting worse and more intense.

Johanna Teresi, Middlefield Dog Trainer, Four Legged Scholars LLC, Middlefield Obedience

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