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Are You Struggle with a Hyper Dog? – Burton Dog Classes

How to get your dog to relax. - Burton Dog Classes

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Burton – Dog Classes and Surrounding Areas

Do you have a dog that gets hyper easily and has trouble settling down? We understand the stress and can help you get your dog to relax more.

Yesterday, I worked with a hyper Husky. He was barking for attention. We removed ourselves into another room every time he barked to teach him that attention barking meant the removal of us.

This usually works great. However, with this particular puppy he began to get frustrated. As a result, he started to bark more and was having trouble bringing his arousal level back down.

If you have a dog that sounds like this, you can try some of the methods below to help.

1.) Get some Lavender Essential Oil. You can put it in a diffuser or put a few drops on bandana. This can have a very calming effect.

2.) Adaptil makes a synthetic pheromone that can help relax dogs. It is called DAP (dog appeasing pheromone). Mothers give it off to their young and it calms the puppies. It works great for adult dogs too.

3.) Ttouch can work great. I have used it many times on dogs. Burton dog classes can benefit from this. When I had dogs that were stressed in my group classes, I used T-Touch and the dogs calmed faster.

4.) Reward behavior you like and focus on good things. Yelling at your dog will only make it worse so stay calm yourself. Breathing through your belly can help.

Of course if you need further you can contact us at Four Legged Scholars LLC, Burton, Dog Classes.

Johanna Teresi, Burton Dog Trainer, Four Legged Scholars LLC, Burton, Dog Classes

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