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Are You Tired of Your Dog Running Away From You? – Garrettsville – Dog Obedience

Come - Garrettsville - Dog Obedience

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Garrettsville – Dog Obedience and Surrounding Areas

Are you feeling stressed because your dog doesn’t “come” when you call him? You are not alone. Many other dog owners feel the same way.

As a result, we have lots of practice in training this command. We can help you have peace of mind by getting your to “come.” Let us help you.

First there are many variable that affect how long it will take this command to be learned by your dog.

1.) Where do you want your dog to come reliably? Obviously, if it just inside your home training will go fast.

Training your dog to come in your yard will take more work. Even still, training your dog to come outside of your yard will take even more work.

2.) What breed of dog do you have? A Golden Retriever will probably learn “come” much faster than a Border Collie.

This isn’t always true but pay attention to what your dog was breed to do. It is frustrating if you have fast expectations for Garrettsville dog obedience if you have a breed of dog that has a high chase drive.

3.) What type of methods will you be using? Shock collars can produce very negative results and can deter your progress.

We personally recommend treat or reward-based training. Four Legged Scholars LLC, Garrettsville, Dog Obedience uses these humane methods.

4.) How often you practice will affect your results. If you work with your dog every day, you will have faster progress than if you just work with “come” once a week.

5.) Consistency is huge. Make sure you always reward your dog for a great “come”.

6.) Stay away from anything negative happening to your dog when you call him. You want “come” to predict positive things not negative ones such as going into your crate or the ending of play session.

7.) Garrettsville dog obedience is affected by your mindset. Keep a positive and empowering mind-set. If you are constantly feeling like a victim your progress will be slower.

If you are stuck in this cycle, don’t fret. Just call us and we will help you. We are experts at helping empowering dog owners.

8.) The reward you use will affect your progress. Make sure you use something that your dog “loves” and does not get any other time. Freeze dried liver, hotdogs, and cheese are all good ideas.

Now that you know the above, start training in low distracting environments first. Start by using a lure. Watch the video, above, to demonstrate the lure. Hold the treat in your hand by your dog’s muzzle.

Run away. Your dog should follow you. Say “come” as he begins to follow. Then stop running. C/t (click and treat), grab your dog’s collar, and give 2-30 sec of a really special treat. The pieces can be very small. Repeat.

Eventually fade out the prompting until your dog can come while you are standing stationary. If you need one-on-one help Four Legged Scholars LLC, Garrettsville, Dog Obedience can help you.

Johanna Teresi, Garrettsville Dog Trainer, Four Legged Scholars LLC, Garrettsville, Dog Obedience

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