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Are You Overwhelmed By Your Dog’s Jumping Behavior Over the Holidays? – Dog Training Newbury (Ohio)

Dog Training - Newbury Ohio

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Dog Training Newbury (Ohio) and Surrounding Areas

Are you feeling tons of stress about your dog’s jumping behavior over the holidays?

We get how overwhelming and embarrassing this behavior can be especially when you have guests over the holidays.

Let’s help your dog be calm and well-behaved over the holidays.

I want you to be aware that your doesn’t jump on people to spite you.

When two dogs greet each other they love to go up to the dog’s face.

They are trying to get to human’s faces to say “hi” when they are jumping. So first step is to be grateful that your dog “likes” people.

The next step is to change your own reaction when your dog jumps on people. Remain calm.

As soon as your dog sits be ready to c/t (click and treat). You want your dog to realize he will get attention and rewards when he chooses to sit.

You will also want to help your guests with dog training. Newbury (Ohio) visitors will not know what to do when your dog jumps.

Some of them may even think it is cute when your dog jumps so they may want to pet your dog.

Be ready to tell them to NOT give your attention when your dog jumps.

This means that they need to turn their back toward your dog and keep quiet by not talking to your dog.

It is also best if they do not touch your dog and avoid eye contact with your dog. Once your dog sits they can give your dog attention again.

This can be challenging for visitors at first but explain to them that the jumping annoys you and you are focusing on shifting this behavior. In order to this you will need their help.

If you are having tons of people over the holidays, make it fun. Include the guests in your training program.

Give each guest a bag of treats. Tell them when your dog jumps to turn their backs and to give your dog a treat when he sits.

This way you won’t be overwhelmed and alone with doing the dog training. Newbury (Ohio) guests will be participating and helping you.

To help spread the word and keep everyone on the same page, send out a group e-mail or text message explaining what they are to do with your dog and why.

Then help remind them by putting a cute sign on your front door. Please give my dog a treat for sitting and remember to turn your back if he jumps. Grab a bag of treats here 🙂

Have a bag of treats for each house guest to grab. If you use treats skip your dog’s dinner that day or at least give him less food.

Even better yet, if your dog will work for his kibble, use all or a portion of his dinner instead. Then each bag can be filled with dog kibble.

It is easy over the holidays to forget that you can get help and delegate some of the dog training. Newbury (Ohio) house guests will probably want to help you.

If they are coming to your house hopefully they love your dog and will want to give him plenty of attention.

All you have to do is teach them that your dog needs to be good “first” to get the attention.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Johanna Teresi, Newbury Dog Trainer, Four Legged Scholars LLC – Dog Training Newbury (Ohio)

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