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Are You Experiencing Frustration with Leash Walking? – Dog Training – Hiram Ga

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Four Legged Scholars LLC – Dog Training – Hiram Ga (Garrettsville) and Surrounding Areas

Are you struggling with stressful leash walks? Trust me you are not alone, and we can help you.

Currently, we are working with Susan with her dog Petey, a Pit Bull Terrier. Susan is doing private dog training. Hiram Ga (Garrettsville) is near where she lives in West Farmington.

She lives in a rural area and wants her dog to be able to walk on the leash in Florida in a more urban area. So we working hard to create this!

Here are some tips I have found that will help in your dog training. Hiram Ga (Garrettsville) dog owners will find that these are common issues that I am choosing to troubleshoot for you.

1.) Decide what method you will use to train your dog on leash. You can change directions when your dog pulls.

You can also take a step backward when your dog pulls. Some people like to just stop walking when their dog pulls and resume when the leash is loose. The choice is yours. Make sure it is positive.

1.) Begin training in your home with no distractions. You will need to learn how to juggle holding the leash, the clicker, treats, etc.

I recommend having your dog on your left. Get a treat bag that attaches to your pants and have that on the left or in the middle around your belly.

Hold the leash in your right hand with the clicker.  Use your left hand as needed to grab leash as well for extra strength if needed.

2.) Now start to work with minor distractions at home. Put a treat on the ground and walk toward it. Once your dog can walk nicely on the leash to get to the treat it is time to work outside.

3.) When leash walking outside start in low distracting areas such as neighborhood sidewalks with minimal dogs. Work your way to more distractions.

With dog training in Hiram and Garrettsville distractions will be minor.

When you want to start with harder distractions consider Petsmart or Petco. The Tractor Supply Store could work well too.

4.) Have treats that your dog loves. You may need to use cheese or hotdogs on your leash walks. Most dogs need higher value treats when they are distracted.

This will create more success with your dog training. Hiram Ga (Garrettsville) is an area that we serve so we are able to help you if needed.

Johanna Teresi, Hiram Ga (Garrettsville) Dog Trainer, Four Legged Scholars LLC, Dog Training, Hiram Ga (Garrettsville)

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