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Confused on When Your Dog Needs to Go Potty? – Obedience Middlefield Ohio

Ring for Potty - Obedience Middlefield Ohio

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Obedience Middlefield Ohio and Surrounding Areas

Are you feeling confused because you don’t know when your dog needs to go to the bathroom? We completely understand and can help you.

I have had many clients that have trouble knowing when their dog needs to go potty so you are not alone.

Here are some common times that your dog will need to go potty:

  • After waking up in the morning.
  • Before bed at night.
  • Before and after putting him in his crate.
  • Before putting him in your car.
  • Before playing with him.

If you randomly feed your dog meals then his bowels and bladder will not be regulated.

I recommend that you feed your dog at regular and consistent times in the morning and evening.

Journaling when your dog potties can help too.

This can strongly help with obedience. Middlefield, Ohio owners will be able to detect patterns.

I recommend that you journal the following:

  • Date
  • Location
  • Time of day
  • The antecedent (what happened before your dog went potty)

It can also help to teach your dog to ring a bell to notify you when he needs to go potty.

Ginger, a cocker spaniel puppy, learned how to do this and this lessoned many accidents in her owner’s home.

You can also teach your dog to ring a bell to increase obedience. Middlefield, Ohio and surrounding areas is where we serve.

Currently, we are training a Pug puppy in Macedonia how to ring a bell for potty.

We also taught a Bernedoodle in West Farmington to ring a bell too. As a result, we know how to train this and can help you too.

We recommend getting a strip of bells. Hold the strip in your hand so that it is hanging downward.

Most dogs will get curious and nose the strip with their muzzle. C/T when they hit the strip. Keep rewarding this behavior.

Once your dog is readily hitting the strip you can start ONLY rewarding louder hits or giving a jackpot for louder hits.

A jackpot means that you give multiple treats. You want your dog to learn that it is important to ring the bell loudly.

Next, add a command right before your dog rings the bell. Once your dog understands the command you can start to move the bell toward the place you want to hang it. C/T when your dog rings it.

You can attempt to use the command to help your dog understand that he needs to ring them in the new location too.

Gradually, move the bell closer to the door or location that you will be hanging the bells.

After that, you want to start hanging the bells up when it is time for potty. Use the command to get your dog to ring the bell. Then let your dog outside for potty. I recommend only hanging the bells at potty time.

Once you think your dog understand this correlation and has mastered obedience, you can start to leave the bells hanging on the door.

When your dog rings the bell take your dog out on leash to potty. Make sure your dog doesn’t get to play until he potties.

You don’t want your dog to think that the bell is to be used to go outside and play. It is for potty only.

Training this exercise can take commitment but encourages obedience. Middlefield, Ohio owners will feel more peace when their dogs ring their bell for potty.

Johanna Teresi, Middlefield Ohio Obedience Dog Trainer, Four Legged Scholars LLC, Obedience Middlefield Ohio

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