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9 Must Know Treats to Use During Dog Training – Dog School Middlefield

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Four Legged Scholars LLC – Dog School – Middlefield and Surrounding Areas

Are you struggling with finding the “right” training treat to use when training your dog?

This is a common issue that we see many clients go through. We can help you so that you can easily have treats on hand for dog training.

Honestly, when I am dealing with clients near me for dog school, Middlefield has the Tractor Supply Store which I love. This place has many treats that work well for training.

As a general rule of thumb, your dog will respond best if you stay away from dry dog treats. Most of these treats just don’t smell “good” enough to use for dog training.

If your dog isn’t motivated during dog school, Middlefield dog owners will struggle at getting their dogs to listen.

Also small treats tend to work better than larger treats. I tell my dog school Middlefield clients that “pea-sized” treats are good enough. Many dogs will work for crumbs.

Smaller treats will also prevent your dog from getting satiated and a satiated dog is hard train.

Human food can work great as dog treats. Here are a few easy examples for you to have on hand:

  • turkey hotdogs
  • string cheese
  • cooked chicken
  • small apple chunks

Treats that you can buy at the stores that are already small.

Treats that you will need to chop up yourself. These are generally cheaper because they come in larger sizes.

  • 4-Health brand has many soft treats. You can get at the Tractor’s Supply Store.
  • Grillers you can get at Sam’s Club.
  • Natural Balance or Pet Botanics Dog Food Rolls you can get at Petco or Petsmart.

It can also be helpful to feed your dog breakfast or dinner, AFTER training. Your dog will then be hungry.

Cut back on the amount you feed at mealtimes if you are giving many treats to your dog, so that your dog doesn’t gain weight during dog school. Middlefield dog owners want healthy dogs.

Johanna Teresi, Middlefield Dog Trainer, Four Legged Scholars LLC, Dog School Middlefield

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