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Frustrated Because Your Puppy Runs Away Instead of Coming? – Chesterland – Puppy Training

how to train come - Chesterland Puppy Training

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Chesterland – Puppy Training and Surrounding Areas

Are you struggling with a puppy that wants to play chase instead of come to you when you call him? Recently two people called with this issue so you are definitely in good company with this problem.

We also want you to feel that you can get your puppy to come to you. It’s simple. Let us help you.

We are currently working with a puppy name Sammy, a Maltese, in Gates Mills with is near Chesterland. Puppy training with a strong focus on “come” is this family’s desire.

When it was time to catch Sammy runs around the house to avoid being caught. It can take the up to 20 min to catch him. Other times when he was caught he would pee.

We began helping them right away by teaching come by reinforcing a game of “chase”.

We began with the owners running away from Sammy and saying “come” when Sammy arrived, he got cheese.

Sammy felt fear in being grabbed or corner so he had pee accidents. We also worked on getting him to be more comfortable with being grabbed in this home near Chesterland. Puppy training was positive.

As the owners reach to grab Sammy, he got to eat some cheese. The owners held a hunk of cheese. While Sammy is eating they go to grab his collar.

I came last week, Sammy was coming more often and had no pee accidents.

We have two more sessions before we will have reached all of their goals. Then Chesterland puppy training will be very successful for this family.

Johanna Teresi, Chesterland Puppy Trainer, Four Legged Scholars LLC – Chesterland Puppy Training

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