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Help! My Puppy Does Not Like His Crate! – Puppy Training – West Farmington


Four Legged Scholars LLC – Puppy Training – West Farmington

Are you struggling with a puppy that doesn’t want to go into his crate? We understand, and we can help.

We are currently working with a Labradoodle with puppy training. West Farmington is where he lives. Teddy, the Labradoodle has chosen to not want to go into his crate anymore. The crate has become a negative place for him.

We are leaving the door open to the crate and doing a training technique called shaping. This means that we wait for Teddy to do a random behavior that we like then we c/t (click and treat) that behavior.

For now we are clicking and treating when he moves toward the crate or goes into the crate. This past week Teddy was hopping into the crate more readily.

Now, it is time to add the command. Right before Teddy goes into the crate we say the command “kennel”, and c/t when he dog goes into his crate.

Avoid making the crate negative by leaving plenty of time to train your dog to go in his crate on his own rather than forcing him.

Give him positive toys especially food oriented toys likes Kongs in his crate. Also feeding him meals in his crate can help with puppy training. West Farmington owners will begin to have puppies that love their crates if they keep it positive.

It also a good idea to only let your puppy out of his crate when he is quiet. If you let him out when he is whining then he will learn that whining gets him out, and he will get more stressed in his crate.

Be aware of behavior that you are rewarding when you are performing puppy training. West Farmington owners will want to reward CALM behavior in their puppies.

If you need help with puppy training we can personally come to your home and help you.

Johanna Teresi, West Farmington Puppy Trainer, Four Legged Scholars LLC, Puppy Training, West Farmington

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