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Learn About This Huge Mistake to Get Your Dog to Listen Now – Puppy Obedience – West Farmington


Four Legged Scholars LLC – Puppy Obedience – West Farmington and Surrounding Areas

Are you suffering from a puppy or dog that isn’t listening to you? Let’s end that suffering now and get your dog to listen.

Teddy is a great puppy and he is learning a ton about puppy obedience. West Farmington is where Teddy, a Labradoodle, lives. His owner is learning a ton about how to get Teddy to listen, and it is working.

One of the biggest mistakes that we want you to know about is about mirroring. When your dog is stressed, it is easy for you to be stressed.

When your dog reacts (barks, growls etc.) at another dog, it is easy for you to feel angry or fearful. When your dog isn’t listening to you, it is easy for you to get frustrated.

If you are not conscious you will feel exactly the way your dog feels and you will react from this space. Being reactive will get you no where. Your dog will not listen to you if you mirror the same energy that he is feeling.

There is an exception to this if you intimate your dog through fear or angry you can get your dog to listen with these mirroring emotions. However, we don’t believe it is healthy for you or your dog to exhibit this intimidating energy.

It is healthier for both you and your dog if your dog listens because he actually wants to listen and enjoys learning new things.

I will give an example. Teddy’s owner felt stressed. When I came to the door, Teddy was running toward the door jumping at it to try to get to me.

His owner mirrored his stress and got stressed herself. As a result, her movements were jerky. Her thoughts were unproductive in producing the result to get Teddy to settle down and sit.

As a result, she couldn’t think of how to get Teddy to respond. Teddy did not stop jumping.

Once I pointed this out to her, she become empowered. I taught her that she can choose how to act in the face of stress. Choose actions that mirror what you want to create disregarding what you might be feeling inside.

Also choose thoughts that will help create what you want as well. She was then able to realize that her voice could be happier and her actions more calm.

She was also able to realize that Teddy wants puppy obedience. West Farmington just has many distractions.

Sometimes Teddy likes the distractions more than the treat that she has at the moment. As a result, getting better treats during those moments will get Teddy to listen too.

Take a deep breath and reflect on how you act around your dog when he isn’t listening. How can you ground yourself so that can choose actions that show your dog what you want him to do.

Another example involves my daughter. Her and her friend love to give super intense hugs. When they are doing this they are super excited.

So if I yell it creates more intensity to the situation and generally doesn’t calm anything down. However, if I calmly talk to my daughter and her friend to explain that someone can get hurt because they could fall over from a super hard hug, they begin to listen.

Then, from there I can have them role play. I like to do a “second chance.” So we did a second chance at a gentle hug. Guess what? They did super gentle hugs.

So this is about enrolling your dog to perform the way you want to create puppy obedience. West Farmington owner, Teddy’s mom, is much happier when she knows how to act calm during stressful situations with her puppy.

Guess what? Stressful situations in life will never end. Empower yourself and be the bigger person to act in a way that enrolls others to act in a productive fashion.

Start with your puppy. If you are inspired use these tools with your friends and family and see what happens.


Johanna Teresi, West Farmington Puppy Trainer, Four Legged Scholars LLC, Puppy Obedience, West Farmington

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