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Is Your Puppy’s Biting Driving You Crazy? – Aurora Puppy Training

Labradoodle - Aurora - Puppy Training

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Aurora Puppy Training and Surrounding Areas

Are you struggling with a puppy that bites you? We understand the frustration and can help you create more peace with your pup right now.

Puppies generally bite for two reasons. One, they are in pain from teething, and two, because they want attention.

For pain, the simplest solution is to give your puppy frozen toys. I personally like to freeze a Kong with peanut butter or almond butter inside.

When you are petting your puppy, they bite because they want attention.

We are currently training in Aurora. Puppy training is our main focus with this client. She has a small pug named, Charlie, that is biting often.

Do the following to help reduce puppy biting.

1.) Stop petting your puppy when he bites you. If you keep petting you are rewarding it. Resume petting after your puppy stops biting.

2.) Give your puppy something else to chew on such as a toy. Use a toy that your puppy is really into.

3.) In Aurora, puppy training is helping too. We worked on giving Charlie a c/t (click and treat) if her mom could pet her without biting. Charlie gets a click every 1-3 seconds during petting for not biting.

4.) Take breaks. A puppy doesn’t generally want to be pet for 10 min straight. It is best to pet for 1-3 min. Then stop and see if they are initiating more petting.

5.) Training “leave it” can also help with play biting. This means the puppy learns to back up or turn his head away on command. You can use this command when your puppy is biting you. In our Aurora puppy training, we trained “leave it.”

6.) If you are playing with your puppy when he bites you, stop playing and resume playing once the biting has stopped. Then repeat the same process.

If your puppy struggles with biting out of fear or aggression then a different training protocol will need to be followed. Please contact Four Legged Scholars LLC, Aurora puppy training, so that we can help you.

Johanna Teresi, Aurora Dog Trainer, Four Legged Scholars LLC Aurora Puppy Training

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