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Do You Feel Stressed Because Your Puppy Grabs Items and then Runs Away From You? – Aurora Puppy Obedience

Spaniel - Aurora - Puppy Obedience

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Aurora Puppy Obedience and Surrounding Areas

Are you struggling with a puppy that grabs something in your house and then runs away with them item?

You try to catch your puppy to get the item and your puppy plays keep away.

This is a common issue, so you are not alone. Let’s help you create peace with your puppy now.

For your puppy to drop the item you need to motivate your puppy, and you need teach him to stop running away.

I have dealt with issue in West Farmington, Chagrin Falls and Aurora. Puppy obedience helped to resolve the problem.

The first step is to change your reaction. When you run after your puppy your puppy wants to run more. He is so excited that you want to play with him.

It is best for you to remain still instead of chasing your puppy.

Make sure you have really yummy treats available. This can be string cheese, turkey hotdogs, lunchmeat, etc. Something that is super motivating to your puppy.

While you remain still, hold your hand out toward your puppy with a treat in it .

If holding the treat in your hand doesn’t work, start dropping the treats on the ground next to you or toss them close to where your puppy is standing with the item. Keep dropping more and more treats until your puppy drops the item.

Once your puppy drops the item “click”. The treats are already on the ground or in your hand for your puppy to eat. Pick up the item while your puppy is eating.

If you have something that your puppy wants more than the item in your hand, your puppy will drop the item in Aurora. Puppy obedience will then be learned.

You can then begin to say a command right before your puppy drops the item. I like to say “drop.”

Eventually, your dog will respond to “drop” without you having to show a treat first. Once this happens, I would still recommend a c/t. After your dog gets good at dropping items without seeing the treats first, stop using the clicker and shift to occasional rewards for “drop.”

This protocol has worked for brittany spaniels, schnoodles, and pugs in Aurora. Puppy Obedience can work for any breed.

We are happy to help you. Share an experience about your puppy with us.

You can also learn more about reward based training from Victoria Stilwell.

Johanna Teresi, Aurora Puppy Trainer, Four Legged Scholars LLC, Aurora, Puppy Obedience

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