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Johanna’s Personal Stories – Dog Training – Middlefield Ohio

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Volunteering at the Portage County Dog Warden – Dog Training – Kent

Pit Bull - Dog Training - Kent

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Dog Training – Kent and Surrounding Areas Every week, I go to to the Portage County Dog Warden and help increase adoptability for dogs by doing dog training. Kent is nearby but the Dog Warden is located in Ravenna, Ohio. Yesterday was the day I went to volunteer, and I trained three dogs, Clyde, Pogo and Harley. Clyde is a pit bull mix that has a ton of strength and is super smart. He would go best with a dog owner that can handle a stronger type of dog, and I believe it would be best to walk him on a Freedom Harness. We worked on his attention barking. He doesn’t do well when he is ignored. So I stood there ignoring him, and when he was […]

Success Stories at the Portage County Dog Warden – Ravenna – Dog Training

Hound Dog - Ravenna - Dog Training

Four Legged Scholars LLC, Ravenna Dog Training and Surrounding Areas This past Tuesday, I had a blast volunteering at the Portage County Dog Warden in Ravenna. Dog training is always my focus here. My experience this past week was really fun and I had much success with the dogs. I worked with Pogo, a pit bull terrier mix, who is a super jumpy dog. He has so much energy, and he is super cute. Last week, he struggled a ton with settling down in the kennel. This week he settled into a sit in his kennel much faster. When I took him out, he jumped much less than the previous week. We really worked on teaching him how to be calm and sit even when I was excited. Then we […]

Services For Your Dog in Northeast Ohio – Chagrin Falls – Dog Training

paniel - Chagrin Falls - Dog Training

Four Legged Scholars LLC, Chagrin Falls Dog Training and Surrounding Areas Are you wanting to know some dog services for the Northeast Ohio area? I attended Woofstock this year with my best friend Amber in Chagrin Falls. Dog training was not only my focus. I went to numerous booths. I learned about so many awesome dog services in the area, and I thought I would share. I am excited to learn more about Pawsome Pet Sitting, Inc. They serve Aurora, Bainbridge and Chagrin Falls. Dog training, walking and in-home care is what they can provided. They also state they are insured and bonded. They appear to have much knowledge about positive dog training. Bainbridge is of course near the area that I serve as well. I am guessing that if you […]

How I Failed at Training “Come” and What Not to Do With Your Dog – Dog Training – Hiram

Johanna and Shadow, Border Collie - Dog Training - Hiram

Four Legged Scholars LLC, Dog Training Hiram and Surrounding Areas Are you struggling with getting your dog to come? This is definitely a common issue and can be really stressful.  I can personally relate and of course I can help you with dog training. Hiram is where much of my dog training career began. I learned much about failing with “come” by training my dogs at a young age.  The story began when I was 8 years old and I lived in Garrettsville, Ohio. My first dog, Heather, ran away from home often and wasn’t allowed to be kept indoors at my parents house.  As a result, I had her off leash often. She had numerous opportunities to run off. I didn’t have the heart to have her on-leash every […]

Adopt-A-Thon and Pet Carnival – Dog Training – Ravenna

Adopt-A-Thon- Free Dog Training - Ravenna

Four Legged Scholars LLC, Dog Training, Ravenna and Surrounding Areas Every year Roses Rescue and People Care Pet Panty holds an adoption event at the Moose Lodge in Ravenna. Dog Training tips is what I offered at this event, and I had a booth. I enjoyed talking to many dog owners that lived near Ravenna. I discussed basic obedience commands and how to train dogs to be more calm in stressful environments. Overall it was fun to talk to many people about positive dog training. I networked and met with quite a few people at the event. I really enjoyed chatting with Fur-Get Me Not Animal Rescue, Inc. Brenda Catalano puts a ton of love and energy into this rescue. In fact, she is a huge fan of positive dog training. Ravenna and […]

Australian Shepherd – Hiram – Dog Training

Australian Shepherd - Dog Training - Hiram

Four Legged Scholars LLC, Hiram, Dog Training and Surrounding Areas I got off of work and went outside where my daughter was playing with my parents. I told it was time for us to leave because we were going hiking with my friend Amber and her Australian Shepherd, Buckley. We were going to the  Field Station in Hiram. Dog training and a nice walk was ahead of us. Iris was super excited and rushed to the car. We talked about Buckley, and she said she loved Buckley. It was super cute. When we got there Buckley was, of course, super excited to see us and wanted to jump on Iris. We worked on dog training. Hiram was where we were located at this point. When Buckley went to jump on Iris, […]

Food Drive and Adoption Event – Dog Training – Hiram Ohio

Chihuahua - How to train target - Dog Training - Hiram Ohio

Four Legged Scholars LLC, Dog Training, Hiram, Ohio and Surrounding Areas A few months back there was a Food Drive and Pet Adoption Event at the police station in Hiram, Ohio. Dog training was of course my main focus here. I gave out free dog training tips. I also had a great time collaborating with others. Roses Rescue was there again. They had two cute dogs up for adoption Sadie and Max, Chihuahua. Pet Pet Care Pantry was there as well. This a great organization. If you have a financial crisis, they will help you keep your dog in your home by providing support with dog food, clothes, vet bills, etc. Definitely check them out. We had a few questions regarding dog training. Hiram, Ohio is where one of the residents […]

A Fun Dog Adventure with Dock Diving – Dog Training – Mantua, Ohio

Australian Shepherd - How to Train Dock Diving - Mantua, Ohio - Dog Training

Four Legged Scholars LLC, Dog Training, Mantua, Ohio and Surrounding Areas 801-463-1668 I picked up my daughter, Iris, from daycare and I reminded her that tonight was a special night. We were meeting my best friend, Amber Duderstadt, with her dog Buckley, an Australian Shepherd at Dukes K9 Dash N’ Splash. Since Iris loves dogs, she was super excited. We got in the car and drived to Mantua, Ohio. Dog training will be our main focus with Buckley because this is his first time doing dock diving. Dock diving is a sport where dogs jump off a platform into a pool of water. In competition, they measure the length of the jump, and the longest jump gets the highest score. This year, the Mantua Potato Festival had a dock diving […]

What’s in Northeast Ohio for Doggie’s? – Dog Training – Kent, Ohio

Johanna Teresi - Kent Ohio Dog Trainer

Four Legged Scholars, Dog Training, Kent, Ohio and Surrounding Areas 801-463-1668 Are you wondering about fun things to do with your dog? Every year there is a festival called Dog Days of the Summer in Kent, Ohio. Dog training is of course why I attended the event. I really enjoyed the event, and the turn out was awesome!  I met many new places that offer awesome dog services that I thought you might want to know about. Roses Rescue was at the event. I work hand-in-hand with Roses Rescues because I do so much dog training at the Portage County Dog Warden. Each week Roses Rescue comes to the Dog Warden to post dogs that are up for adoption. They take the time to learn about the dogs at the […]

Having Fun Hiking with Your Dog and Toddler in the Winter

Creating fun hikes with my 2 year daughter, Iris and my dog, Seiki has taken practice and commitment.  There has been many times when I have taken Iris out with Seiki and she was crying almost the entire time of 20-30 minutes.  Seiki was sad to leave and wanted to exercise longer.  Iris was done and ready to go home.  After much practice and experimenting, I have developed some ideas to create the hikes to be more fun for Iris.  As a result we are able to hike longer.  There is so much more than just dog training and obedience to create a hike with your dog and toddler to be fun. 1.) Lower your expectations.  It is important to realize that your toddler is young and won’t be able […]

Dog Training Group Obedience Course - Kent Ohio

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