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7 Must Know Tips to Exercise Your Dog this Winter – Middlefield Dog Training

Middlefield Dog Training -Red Heeler - Tricks

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Middlefield Dog Training and Surrounding Areas

Are you feeling overwhelmed with exercising your hyper dogs(s) this winter? We understand the stress.

Let’s give you some tools so that you can have a fun and relaxing winter with your hyper dog.

The good news is that you do not have exercise your dog outdoors in Middlefield. Dog training indoors can serve as plenty of exercise for many dogs.  Here are some options.

1.) Teach”go find it.” Have fun this winter in Middlefield. Dog training is easy for “go find it.” Your dog will love to use his nose, and sniffing is also calming for dogs.

Put your dog in a separate room and place a treat in visible view. Let your dog out of the room and ask your dog to”go find it”.

Once your dog understands this put the treat in harder and harder locations until your dog learns to search for treats.

2.) “Target” is a blast. I like to hand target. Put a treat in your hand, say “target,” and when your dog touches your hand c/t.

Repeat until your dog understands the command. Then you can stop having the treat in your hand.

Stand at a distance or run around the house asking your dog to target. This is great exercise.

You can also get a group of people together. Stand in a large circle, and ask your dog to target. As each person takes his turn your dog will be running and getting tired.

If you want to even tire your dog even more do this up and down the stairs.

“Come” can work the same way.

3.) Any obedience training that you can do indoors will give your dog mental stimulation. Think of commands you want to train your dog.

Spend time this winter in your home in Middlefield. Dog training can consist of staying on your bed, leave it, come, watch, sit, down, stay, wait at the door, stop jumping etc.

4.) Train tricks. Teach your dog to do fun things such as spin, give kisses, bow, wipe his paws, put his toys away, roll over etc.

Training tricks uses tons of mental stimulation and will tire your dog. When training intricate tricks in Middlefield, dog training will work best if you use shaping.

This means that you take the terminal behavior that you want and reward successive approximations over time.

5.) Do fun things with your dogs meals. Stop feeding your dog in the food bowl. Throw the food all over your carpet, use it in during training, or put in a toy such as a Buster Cube.

6.) Play indoors such as fetch, catch or tug-o-war. Using the stairs with fetch can really help tire your dog for sure!

7.) Play sessions with other dogs. If you have friends that have dogs have them over to your home in Middlefield. Dog training can happen during the play session to ensure learning.

We hope this makes your winter more relaxing and fun with your dog, but if not give us call. We can help you.

Johanna Teresi, Middlefield Dog Trainer, Four Legged Scholars LLC, Middlefield, Dog Training

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