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Dog Friendly Shopping – Locations and Success Story

Dog Friendly Shopping Near Me

Would you like to shop with your dog? Just think you can take your dog with you when you run errands instead of leaving your dog at home.

Leaving your dog at home when you run errands, takes time away from your beloved family member. It also leaves time for your dogs to get bored and possibly get into trouble.

Fortunately, there are many stores that will allow you to take your well-behaved dog with you. You can now feel rest assured that you can do at least some errands and bring your dog with you.

We highly recommend that you call ahead and make sure that the rules and regulations about dogs has not changed for the stores listed below.

Dog Friendly Shopping Locations

Near Middlefield Ohio

The Tractor Supply Store is a favorite of mine and for many our clients. Dog friendly shopping can happen at this store.

This store has many outdoor supplies and it also has many dog supplies including food, treats, training tools, and toys for your dog. The prices are reasonable so you can be blessed with spending way less money than you would at Petco or Petsmart.

Centerra Co-op also allows you to bring your well-behaved dog into the store. Although this store doesn’t have the best dog products health-wise for your dog they have many outdoor supplies for building, farming etc. So plan to bring your dog when you do this fun errand.

Near Chardon, Ohio

Fortunately, the Tractor Supply store is also located in Chardon as well. No need to travel to Middlefield if you live closer to Chardon. Enjoy time with your dog here.

Home Depot, generally, allows dogs in their stores. If you have home remodeling to do bring your well-behaved dog with you as you buy the items for your project.

You can also click here to find more dog friendly shopping in northeast Ohio.

Near Chagrin Falls and Bainbridge

There is also a Home Depot in Aurora on Market Place Drive which is close to Bainbridge.

Woodmere has a Barnes and Noble Bookstore. Many of these will also allow well-behaved dogs. This one is located on Chagrin Blvd. Curl up and read a good book with your dog.

Do you want to find a new outfit for yourself with your dog? If yes Old Navy in Aurora might be the perfect place to bring you dog. This is also located on Market Place Drive.

You can also shop with greater fashion with your dog at Nordstrom at Beachwood. Dog friendly shopping in style.

Beachwood also has a Michaels which is suppose to be dog friendly as well. Bring your dog when you shop for crafts.

Bath and Body Works is a great place to beautify yourself and some of these stores allow dogs. Check out the one in Aurora on Market Place Drive.

Are you looking for a new pair of shoes and want to take your dog with you? The Foot Locker just might work for you. There is one in Richmond Heights.

Do you love Macs and Apple? Many Apple Stores allow dogs. Keep in mind they can be super crowded so your dog must be super well-behaved and love crowds of people. There is one in Woodmere off of Chargrin Blvd.

Click here to find more dog friendly stores across the nation.

Training Your Dog to Behave in the Stores

Of course to take your dog into a store, the manager and owner will expect that your dog is well-behaved.

Your dog can walk nicely on the leash, not jump on people, not bark or whine excessively, not grab anything in the store and of course not pee or poop in the store.

The Best Commands for Dog Friendly Shopping

Some simple commands that can increase store etiquette for dog friendly shopping are the following:

  • loose leash walking
  • leave it
  • drop
  • potty outside
  • sit
  • down
  • stay
  • quiet

We Can Help Your Dog Behave While You Shop

If you need help in getting your dog to respond well to commands so that you can take your dog shopping with you, we can definitely help you.

We love training dogs to be well-behaved on the leash. Generally, we start in easy locations first such as your neighborhood. Then we progress to more and more distracting areas as your dog is ready.

When training any new commands we start at home and then generalize the commands to more distracting environments.

If you struggling with leash walking there are some great tools that can help your dog learn to walk better on the leash.

To learn more about a positive leash method to help with leash walking click here.

A Success Story of a Dog that Now Behaves in Stores

Susan came to us with Petey who didn’t know how to walk well on the leash. We started with basic commands in the home environment including: target, leave it, loose leash walking, sit, and stay.

We then progressed to loose leash walking and listening to commands in downtown Middlefield.

The last session was at the Tractor Supply Store in Middlefield. Petey was walking great on the leash and did not jump on anyone. This was huge improvement.

He still needs to work on listening better when he is close to the dog food and treats in the store because they smell so good that they are super distracting to him.

So if you want to do dog friendly shopping and need help training your dog, I assure you that we can help. Check out our success story with Petey the Pit Bull so you can learn more about how we can help you.

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