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Stressed Because Your Dog Is Fearful of Kids? – Dog School Garrettsville

Border Collie - Dog School - Garrettsville

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Dog School – Garrettsville and Surrounding Areas

Are you struggling with a dog that doesn’t like kids? We understand the stress. Let us help you create peace now.

This past Sunday, my daughter helped Charlie at dog school. Garrettsville is where Charlie lives.

Charlie, a Labrador, feels a bit uneasy around children. If puppies are not socialized around certain types people when they are younger, they can develop fears around those types of people.

Genetics can also play a factor. Past experiences can also attribute to fears if they were traumatic to your dog.

Iris, my daughter was excited to help out. Her job was to remain calm and help Charlie develop a positive association with her.

She felt scared at first like Charlie but then she began to enjoy dog school. Garrettsville received many smiles from Iris on Sunday.

She helped Charlie overcome his fear of her by doing the following:

  • Sitting
  • Remaining relatively quiet and still
  • Keeping her body posture to the side rather than directly facing Charlie.
  • Throwing treats underhand toward Charlie.

Iris threw the treats to where Charlie was standing rather than encouraging him to move closer. This helps to build trust and helps Charlie to feel more comfortable.

You can also throw the treats so that they land behind the dog.

As Charlie became more comfortable, he moved toward and then away from Iris. Iris kept tossing treats.

After about an hour of counter conditioning, Charlie felt comfortable touching Iris’s hand on command. She used the target command “touch.”

This was awesome! You can get your dog to become more comfortable around children too.

It takes time and consistency.

Make sure you set-up the training to be safe. Charlie was on a leash and began at a distance away from Iris.

We did not force Charlie to move forward in dog school. Garrettsville dog owners will notice that their dog will do best when he chooses to move closer on his own as he becomes more comfortable.

Please consult a professional if your dog is scared around children so we can make sure you are following all of the steps properly and safely.

Johanna Teresi, Garrettsville Dog Trainer, Four Legged Scholars LLC, Dog School, Garrettsville

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