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“As first time dog owners my husband and I needed some help training over energetic puppy!
After a couple of weeks, our friends and my husband and I noticed a huge change for the better in our
puppy! The training classes helped and changed our busy lives for the best!!!!”

– Colleen O’Donnell Studzinski – Hudson, Ohio – Puppy Training

From House Accidents to Obedience – Garrettsville Success Story

Shih Tzu : Poodle - Obedience - Garrettsville

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Obedience – Garrettsville Tracie called us, and her message was urgent. She just moved to a new house, and her dog was peeing and pooping in their new house after the move. She felted stressed and wanted this behavior to stop. As a result, we came to her house to help her create more obedience. Garrettsville is where they moved too. They had just moved from Nelson. Dog training hadn’t been done in Nelson but the accidents weren’t a huge problem in the old house. She mentioned at the new house Dobby, her Shihpoo (Shih Tuz / Poodle) was so distracted when she took him outside that he wanted to smell and didn’t want to go potty right away. We knew exactly what to do […]

A Family’s Success Story – Atwater – Dog Training

German Shepherd - Atwater - Dog Training

Four Legged Scholars – Atwater – Dog Training Karen came to us with a dog that extremely hard to walk on-leash. Cooper, her German Shepherd, wanted to bark at many dogs on-leash walks. As a result, Karen did not walk him. Her German Shepherd also jumped on people often on leash walks and in new environments. In his home environment, Cooper was amazingly well-behaved. As a result, we did the bulk of the sessions outside. Karen lives in Atwater. Dog training was agreed upon through seven private sessions with us. Karen wanted to be able to walk her dog and not stress so much. We met at the Garrettsville Village Park and at Havre’s Woods in Ravenna. We started with getting Cooper to be responsive to numerous commands outside with […]

Success Story – From Possessiveness to Obedience – Ravenna – Dog Training

American Eskimo - Ravenna - Dog Training

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Ravenna – Dog Training Michelle, Dave and Cassie McCoy came to us with a dog that was possessive, hyper, jumpy, and destructive. Drew, their American Eskimo, recently bit Michelle while she was playing with him. She wanted to get clear on what needed to be done so that Drew could learn to control his behavior better. In addition to this he was destructive in the house with blankets, pillows, etc. Because things were getting destroyed Michelle had to go shopping at Gabe’s near Ravenna. Dog training sounded like a good idea to this family. Dave and Cassie also noticed that Drew was very active, had trouble settling down and rarely cuddled with them. This was frustrating to them. Whenever, they got home Drew jumped all […]

Cattle Dog Success Story from Loud to Quiet – Dog Training – Mantua

A Happy Success Story - Cattle Dog - Dog Training - Mantua

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Dog Training – Mantua Allyson called us in fear. Her cattle dog, Gunner, bit her dad’s friend. She was full of confusion and fear. At Four Legged Scholars LLC, Dog Training (Mantua), we know exactly how to help with these situations. Allyson was now in good hands. She chose to do six sessions with us. When I first came to the front door, Gunner was barking and lunging toward me. He felt very uncomfortable with visitors coming into his house. He also felt fear around me too.  If I was sitting down, he tucked his tail and wanted to move away from me. Fortunately, Allyson was very committed. As a result, Gunner became more and more comfortable with me. We paired the presence of visitors […]

A Family’s Success Story – Dog Training – Garrettsville

Chocolate Labrador - Dog Training Garrettsville

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Dog Training – Garrettsville and Surrounding Areas Sandra and Keith came to us with a puppy that was completely out of control. Autumn, a Chocolate Labrador basically ruled the house. She barked, scratched at the door, jumped on the counter, begged for food, jumped on guests, pulled on the leash, and ignored her owners when they called her. Her owners lived in Garrettsville, dog training was a huge priority for them. So they purchased 8 sessions with us. They were fed up with Autumn’s unruly behavior and were embarrassed by some of it. Some of it created fear for them because they had many grandchildren, and Autumn would jump on them. The toddlers could get significantly hurt by their Labrador’s jumping. After working with us, […]

Success Story – From Hyper to Settled – Streetsboro – Puppy Training

How to get your Husky to settle - Streetsboro - puppy training

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Streetsboro – Puppy Training Jim and Amanda came to us with a cute four month old Husky puppy, Shadow, that was extremely hyper. Jim felt bad because Shadow listened well to him and was not listening at all to his girlfriend, Amanda or her son Max. Amanda was feeling very overwhelmed and Max felt very unhappy. Shadow would run to Max jump on him, bump into him and play bit him. His puppy teeth were not gentle and Max was not enjoying having a puppy in the house. As a result, Amanda and Jim purchased four training sessions with us. We immediately began addressing these issues in their home in Streetsboro. Puppy training progress was fast with them because they did their homework and were […]

From Anxiety to Calm – Orion Success Story – Dog Training – Ravenna Ohio

Labrador - Dog Training - Ravenna

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Dog Training – Ravenna Richard came to us with a dog that was experiencing some anxiety issues. He lives in Ravenna. Dog training in his home is how we helped him. He adopted his dog from the Portage County Dog Warden in Ravenna. His dog Orion, a Labrador Mix, did not like to be left alone and was super stressed about going into his crate. Also, if Richard left him for a few minutes he would jump like crazy upon his return. He wanted a dog that could be calm and well-behaved because he took his dog everywhere with him. Through our dog training together Orion became much more calm in his crate and was able to be left alone in his crate if Richard […]

Kindergarten Group Obedience – Success Story – Dog Training – Hiram

Australian Shepherd - Dog Training - Hiram

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Dog Training – Hiram and Surrounding Areas Cathy complained about her dog jumping on her, not listening when her dog was distracted and her dog pulling on the leash. She came to me with her Australian Shepherd, Oakley. She took our 4 week group obedience Kindergarten course which focused on basic dog training. Hiram, Ohio is near Garrettsville where the group course was held. Cathy was struggling at getting her dog to listen to her. She was yanking on the leash. Oakley was ignoring her and jumping on her. This was not good because Cathy is older with back problems. At her age she wasn’t so strong anymore. She needed a dog that was going to respond to her command. I definitely wanted help her […]

From Aggressive to Calm – Doberman Success Story – Dog Training – Garrettsville, Ohio

Doberman - Success Story - Dog Training - Garrettsville - Ohio

Four Legged Scholars LLC, Dog Training Garrettsville and Surrounding Areas Private Dog Training, Garrettsville Ohio – Do you struggle with a dog that barks at other dogs, people or is super hard to handle? If this is the case you are not alone and we can help. Recently, we trained a Doberman in Garrettsville, Ohio which is near Kent. The Doberman was aggressive in multiple scenarios and had attacked other dogs and a cat. She was also super reactive toward children. The Doberman’s owners were feeling fear because they were going to have new neighbors. The new neighbors were Amish, had a dog, a horse and multiple children of a variety of ages. The owners did not want anyone to get hurt. As a result, they decided to get professional […]

Success Story – Happy Families in Group Dog Training – Hiram

Australian Shepherd - Dog Training - Hiram- Oakley

Four Legged Scholars Dog Training, Hiram Ohio and Surrounding Areas 801-463-1668 Last week, we had our 3rd dog training class in the Kindergarten Group Obedience Class (Hiram). The progress was amazing. Cathy initially came to us with Oakley who pulled on the leash a ton and constantly jumped on her. Oakley, an Australian Shepherd didn’t know any basic obedience commands. Amber came to use with Buckley, an Australian Shepherd who is the brother to Oakley, also pulled on the leash a ton and barked at dogs on leash walks. Both Amber and Cathy were stressed and frustrated. By week three, Oakley was listening to basic obedience. Hiram residents would be proud to see the change in behavior. Oakley was walking on a loose leash. He also was listening to come, sit, […]

Dog Training Group Obedience Course - Kent Ohio

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