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“As first time dog owners my husband and I needed some help training over energetic puppy!
After a couple of weeks, our friends and my husband and I noticed a huge change for the better in our
puppy! The training classes helped and changed our busy lives for the best!!!!”

– Colleen O’Donnell Studzinski – Hudson, Ohio – Puppy Training

Success Story – From Knowing Nothing to Listening Well – West Farmington – Puppy Obedience

Labardoodle - West Farmington - Puppy Obedience

Four Legged Scholars LLC – West Farmington – Puppy Obedience Anne Rubin came to us with a new puppy that she recently brought to her home. She knew nothing on how to train a cute puppy. The puppy is a Labradoodle named Teddy and was just 8 weeks old. This a great time to dive into training so Anne decided that she would get started on the right foot with her puppy. She purchased twelve sessions with us in West Farmington. Puppy obedience was our main focus. I remember the first day I came, Teddy was having potty accidents almost daily. He didn’t know any commands so he was chewing on people’s socks and shoes. He also would grab Anne’s grandson’s toys and wouldn’t give them up on command. He […]

A Family’s Success Story – From Barking to Calm Behavior On-Leash Walks – Aurora Dog Trainer

Boxer - Aurora Dog Trainer

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Aurora Dog Trainer Corrina called me and expressed that she had been in tears because walking her dog was very stressful. Her dog, Millicent, a Boxer / Labrador Mix, started barking and lunging at every dog she saw on their leash walks. Corrina is very educated and had spent tons of time socializing Millie and even taking a course at Petsmart. When Millie began barking at dogs, Corrina talked to the instructor and she was unable to guide her in the way that Corrina needed to have happy leash walks with Millie again. That’s when she talked to the Aurora Veterinary Clinic, and they recommended Four Legged Scholars LLC (Aurora Dog Trainer). Corrina purchased eight one-on-one training sessions with us. They began to see progress very quickly. […]

Duckie’s Success Story – From Not Listening to Obedient – Ravenna – Dog Training

Yorkshire Terrier - Ravenna - Dog Training

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Ravenna – Dog Training  Shelby called us with a Morkie (Maltese Yorkshire Terrier), named Duckie that wasn’t listening at all. She was feeling stressed because Duckie had a mind of her own. She wasn’t listening at all. She was struggling with a dog that was peeing all over the house, jumping, not settling, and pulling on the leash. She didn’t have any control over Duckie’s behavior. She decided to invest in five private (Ravenna) dog training sessions with us. We began focusing on the house training issues because the pee accidents were a mess in the house. Within a week Duckie went to having no accidents in the house. Shelby felt much relief in having a cleaner house. This made everything more pleasant in Ravenna. […]

From Barking to Calm – Dog Training Success – Bainbridge – Dog Training

Havanese - Bainbridge - Dog Training

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Bainbridge – Dog Training and Surrounding Areas Bonnie called us about her cute little dog Lexi, a Havanese. Lexi was barking every time people came into their house. This was causing a huge amount of stress for her husband which of course created stress for Bonnie too. She was also annoyed by Lexi’s bad behavior on leash, barking at dogs. Bonnie lived in Bainbridge, dog training was her determined investment for now. Bonnie decided to buy our smallest program which allowed us to focus mostly on the barking at house guests problem. Bonnie learned a ton how to pair stressful situations with treats. This is a simple technique called counter conditioning with lowers the stress response for dogs and increases their positive connection to a stressful […]

A Garrettsville Dog Training Success Story – From Growling to Calm and Quiet

Labrador - How to be quiet - Garrettsville - Dog Training

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Garrettsville – Dog Training and Surrounding Areas Donna and Bob called us with a cute Labrador that was only five months old name Bella. Bella was skittish around new people including their grandchildren who they have over often. Its summer and time to have family over to play in their backyard pool. Bella was not enjoying much of the new company. She growled at the vet, a person at Russell Park, and family visitors. The owners were afraid that she might bite someone. They also felt like that they couldn’t travel with her for fear that she wouldn’t be calm. They decided to work with Four Legged Scholars LLC, Garrettsville Dog Training. During our first session we began acclimating her to visitors right away starting with […]

Success Story – From Easily Distracted to Responsive – Garrettsville – Dog Training

eagle Leash Walking - Garrettsville - Dog Training

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Garrettsville – Dog Training and Surrounding Areas Barbara called us with a Beagle she just adopted from the Portage Dog Warden. She stated that this dog wouldn’t listen to her and she didn’t know what to do. Max, a beagle, was jumping on them, pulling on the leash like crazy, running out doors and not coming when called. Barbara was worried about loosing Max and never getting him back if he were to run off. Her family decided to purchase The Dependable House Dog. They live in Garrettsville. Dog training consisted of 4 sessions with us. Max and his owners learned so much. By our last session he was sitting instead of jumping on everyone. He was running like the wind when he was called […]

A Family’s Success Story From Obnoxious to Obedient – Twinsburg – Dog Training

Black Labrador - Twinsburg - Dog Training

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Twinsburg Dog Training Stacey and Justin came to us with a beautiful Black Labrador named Laney. Stacey felt frustrated because she couldn’t walk Laney at all. She would bark at other dogs and people on the leash. Besides this, she pulled so hard that Stacey could not control her at all. Justin was a bit stronger so he was able to walk her, but the barking was still annoying. In the yard, Laney would bark at the neighbors. When people would come over it was stressful because she was intimated by new people. She would avoid them and possibly bark and growl at them. Stacey and Justin had two children that loved having friends over and her intimidation behavior made this more stressful. The family […]

From House Accidents to Obedience – Garrettsville Success Story

Shih Tzu : Poodle - Obedience - Garrettsville

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Obedience – Garrettsville Tracie called us, and her message was urgent. She just moved to a new house, and her dog was peeing and pooping in their new house after the move. She felted stressed and wanted this behavior to stop. As a result, we came to her house to help her create more obedience. Garrettsville is where they moved too. They had just moved from Nelson. Dog training hadn’t been done in Nelson but the accidents weren’t a huge problem in the old house. She mentioned at the new house Dobby, her Shihpoo (Shih Tuz / Poodle) was so distracted when she took him outside that he wanted to smell and didn’t want to go potty right away. We knew exactly what to do […]

A Family’s Success Story – Atwater – Dog Training

German Shepherd - Atwater - Dog Training

Four Legged Scholars – Atwater – Dog Training Karen came to us with a dog that extremely hard to walk on-leash. Cooper, her German Shepherd, wanted to bark at many dogs on-leash walks. As a result, Karen did not walk him. Her German Shepherd also jumped on people often on leash walks and in new environments. In his home environment, Cooper was amazingly well-behaved. As a result, we did the bulk of the sessions outside. Karen lives in Atwater. Dog training was agreed upon through seven private sessions with us. Karen wanted to be able to walk her dog and not stress so much. We met at the Garrettsville Village Park and at Havre’s Woods in Ravenna. We started with getting Cooper to be responsive to numerous commands outside with […]

Success Story – From Possessiveness to Obedience – Ravenna – Dog Training

American Eskimo - Ravenna - Dog Training

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Ravenna – Dog Training Michelle, Dave and Cassie McCoy came to us with a dog that was possessive, hyper, jumpy, and destructive. Drew, their American Eskimo, recently bit Michelle while she was playing with him. She wanted to get clear on what needed to be done so that Drew could learn to control his behavior better. In addition to this he was destructive in the house with blankets, pillows, etc. Because things were getting destroyed Michelle had to go shopping at Gabe’s near Ravenna. Dog training sounded like a good idea to this family. Dave and Cassie also noticed that Drew was very active, had trouble settling down and rarely cuddled with them. This was frustrating to them. Whenever, they got home Drew jumped all […]