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Middlefield Ohio -Dog Training – Articles

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Struggling with a Hyper Dog? Mantua – Dog School

Chocolate Labrador - Mantua - Dog Training

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Mantua – Dog School and Surrounding Areas Are you struggling with your dog because your dog is so hyper? We understand how much stress this can cause you. Let’s help you relieve this stress and regain peace in your home. There are many forms of hyper dog behavior. I have seen dogs that bark alot when excited, jump excessively, pace while whining, etc. This post is to help churn your mind into how you can do things differently in your household to get your dog to start to relax more often. If you live in Mantua. Dog school is our expertise. Even though we live in Geauga County we do serve Portage County as well. So we can help you. Here are a few tips […]

Do You Feel Stressed When You Take Your Dog to the Vet? – Chagrin Falls – Dog Training

Newfoundland - Chagrin Falls - Dog Training

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Chagrin Falls – Dog Training and Surrounding Areas Do you struggle when it is time to take your dog to the vet? We know how stressful this can be. Let’s help you create peaceful vet visits. You can get your dog to like or at least tolerate the vet. Start by “playing vet” at home. Do things that your vet will do to your dog and make it positive. You can go to the store and buy a toddler’s doctor kit. Acclimate your dog to the different toys in the kit. The best to acclimate your dog is through counter conditioning. This is a form of (Chagrin Falls) dog training. Pair the object or the action with treats. For example: show your dog a thesecope […]

Help! My Dog Barks Too Much! – Dog Training Hiram OH

Barking - Dog Training - Hiram OH

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Dog Training Hiram OH Are you struggling with a dog that barks often? Are you frustrated that your dog barks so much. We know the pain and have personally been their ourselves. As a result, we can help you 🙂 My last dog, Seiki, a border collie, barked often when I first received him. When I took him on walks he wanted to bark whenever a dog barked at him behind a fence. He also barked at some people. Even still, when he saw other dogs running in excitement, he barked. I wanted to do dog sports with him and was excited to compete in Flyball. I wanted him to be more “quiet” before joining the sport. As a result, we practiced being “quiet” often. […]

A Secret You Must Know – Dog Trainer Burton

Obedience - Dog Trainer - Burton.compressor

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Dog Trainer Burton and Surrounding Areas Do you wish that your dog listened better to you? We share your pain and are here to help you. Let’s teach you a huge secret that will get your dog to listen to you quickly. Are you the person that wakes up in the morning and thinks about everything that is going “wrong” in your life or are you the person that thinks about everything that is going ‘“right” in your life? Awareness is key if you want have a happy and peaceful life with your dog. Get clear on the answer to the above question. In my past, I use to be the person that thought about my to do list and thought about it’s length. I thought I would […]

Is Your Dog slow at Learning or Stubborn – Parkman Dog Training

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Parkman Dog Training and Surrounding Areas Does your dog appear “slow” or stubborn? We understand the pain, and we can help you. Many of our clients have discovered that clicker training is the answer. We have many clients near Parkman. Dog training owners have found that clicker training speeds up the learning process. A clicker is a marker that tells your dog that he is doing the correct behavior. It serves as a time gap between the behavior and the treat. This past week I was training a client in West Farmington near Parkman. Dog training was a bit of struggle. The owner was struggling with sit stay. By the time the owner got the treat out to reward his dog, his dog had broken […]

Help! My Dog MisBehaves and I Don’t Know What to Do. – Dog Training – Newbury

Shar-Pei - Dog Training - Newbury - Ohio

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Dog Training – Newbury and Surrounding Areas Are you feeling that you just cannot get your dog to listen? We understand the pain and are here to help you. One of the common issues that we notice is people expecting that their dog will listen, once they learn the training tools. Unfortunately, this is NOT the case. Your dog will not listen just because you know the tools. First and foremost you have to practice the tools to get your dog to listen. You have to also realize that dog training (Newbury) will happen at your dog’s pace and not yours. You can work with your dog often and be consistent. These things help, but your dog will learn when he is ready. Just like […]

4 Tips to Know That Your Dog is Relaxed – Newbury Dog Training

Pit bull - Relaxing - Newbury - Dog Training

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Newbury Dog Training Do you struggle with a dog that is stressed frequently? Are you wondering how to tell when your dog is relaxed? Many dog owners struggle with dog communication. You are not alone, and we can help you. If you need help at home with your dog in Newbury. Dog training is our speciality. Your dog is probably relaxed when: 1.) his tail is at it’s normal height and slowly wagging widely. A stiff tail, a super high tail, a tail wagging super quickly with a short wag, or a low tail can be signs of stress. 2.) your dog has his entire mouth opened and his jaw appears loose rather than tense. 3.) your dog’s head is cocked, ears are forward in […]

Are You Stressed Because Your Dog Has Accidents in the House and Doesn’t Tell You When Needs to Go Potty? – Hiram Obedience

House Training - Hiram Obedience

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Hiram Obedience and Surrounding Areas Are you struggling with a dog that has potty accidents? Do you feel stressed because you don’t know when your dog needs to go potty? We understand the stress. Let’s help your dog tell you when he needs to go potty and stop house accidents now. Currently, we are working with a Bernedoodle, Roxie, that lives in near Hiram. Obedience in the house regarding pottying outside was a huge priority to this family. Their other dog, Gracie already knows how to ring the bell when she needs to go potty so we decided to train this to Roxie too. You can train your dog to ring a bell too. It is simple. First, get a large sized bell. Attach the bell […]

Are You Feeling Anxious Because Your Dog Is Nervous Around People? – Fearful Dog – Middlefield

Red Heeler - Fearful Dog - Middlefield

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Fearful Dog – Middlefield and Surrounding Areas Are you struggling with your fearful dog? We understand the stress this causes. We want to help both you and your dog to feel relaxed. Training takes much time and commitment to help a Fearful Dog. Middlefield is near Garrettsville which is where Bella lives. She is a dog that has been fearful when new people come into the home. We worked often with Bella to help her become more calm and happy around new people. We can help you too, with your fearful dog. Middlefield and surrounding areas is where we serve. Here are some tips for dealing with a fearful dog. Middlefield owners will see success if they follow these guidelines. These tips work best for dogs that are […]

Are Your Walks Stressful Because Your Dog Bark During Leash Walks? – Middlefield Dog School

Shiba Inu -MIddlefield Dog School

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Middlefield Dog School and Surrounding Areas Do you have a dog that barks during leash walks? Does this drive you crazy? Maybe it even limits how often you can walk your dog. We understand the intensity of this pain as we have helped many people with this problem. As a result, we can help you. Let’s start by having peaceful leash walks now. Throughout the years, I have learned a few tips to help you with Middlefield dog school. If you are dealing with this alone, I strongly suggest at that you get support from a professional Middlefield dog school trainer, from reading reward based dog training books, or from attending reward-based dog training seminars. The biggest key to success is to use training set-ups. If you only […]

Dog Training Group Obedience Course - Kent Ohio

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